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Making career choices and decisions is the traditional focus of careers interventions. The changed nature of work means, individuals may now have to revisit process more frequently now and in the future, more than in the past.
At PRECIOUS Managing the organizational career - concerns the career management tasks of individuals within the workplace, such as decision-making, life-stage transitions, dealing with stress etc.
  Managing 'boundary less' careers - refers to skills needed by employee / workers whose employment is beyond the boundaries of a single organization, a work style common among, for example, management representatives, designers, engineers, skilled personals, hard working professionals.
In organizational development, study career development focusing on:
How individuals manage their work within and between organizations And how organizations structure the career progress of their members, is also tied into succession planning within.
  In personal development:
  "The total constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, and economical, chance factor, combine to influence the nature and significance of work of any given individual."
  "The psychological and behavioral processes as well as contextual influences to shape one's work enforcement. As such, development involves the person's creation of a decision-making style, integration of life roles, values expression, and life-role self concepts."
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